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Dr David Russell-Weisz

On this site you will find online courses on a variety of important topics. The online system was chosen as it is easy to access, cost effective and training can be fitted around work commitments. You can complete the courses in one session or in stages. The system remembers your progress so you can start where you left off.

Current courses on offer include:

Accountable and Ethical Decision Making - This course was developed to support you in making accountable and ethical decisions by improving awareness and understanding of public sector accountability requirements. This course content is considered to be mandatory for all staff. Contact aedm_support@health.wa.gov.au with any enquiries on this course.

Disaster Management Training - This course was developed to introduce users to emergency management principles and arrangements within a health context. It is aimed at staff from within Health and other emergency response organisations who would like to develop their awareness of the health aspects of emergency management. This course is not mandatory but recommended for anyone who may have a role in preparing their health service for a mass casualty incident and/or those who wish to pursue further disaster preparedness education and training courses. Contact dpmutraining@health.wa.gov.au with any enquiries on this course.

Recordkeeping Awareness Training - The online Recordkeeping Awareness course will inform you about good recordkeeping practices and explain your responsibilities in managing records under the State Records Act 2000. The course material includes interactive activities and opportunities to test your knowledge before completing a short online assessment. Recordkeeping is an important part of most work activities, so this course is considered mandatory for all staff. Contact recordsmanagementtraining@health.wa.gov.au with any enquiries on this course.

Aboriginal Cultural Learning - Aboriginal Cultural eLearning - a healthier future (ACeL) is a mandatory training course for all WA Health staff as per Operational Directive OD 0599/15 and is one of four components of the WA Health Aboriginal Cultural Learning Package (ACLP). The ACLP is an online suite of training, tools and resources which supports the development of a culturally respectful and non-discriminatory health system.

The other components of the package include Cultural Learning Plans, Cultural Learning Sessions and the Aboriginal Health Impact Statement and Declaration which is a requirement attached to Operational Directive 476/13. Aboriginal Cultural Learning is aligned to the WA Aboriginal Cultural Learning Framework 2012 and the WA Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Framework 2015-2030. Contact AboriginalCulturalLearning.DOH@health.wa.gov.au with any enquiries on this course.

WACHS employees should access the ACeL mandatory training component via the WACHS Capabiliti LMS.

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I hope that you'll find this learning initiative valuable in your ongoing professional development.

Dr David Russell-Weisz

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